Net Neutrality is No Longer an Option

The FCC has a big vote coming up.

Tom Wheeler, chairman of the FCC, has released a document outlining Internet providers by zip code and how he believes the free flow of traffic on the Internet should be preserved.

Turbo Tax Concerned About Internet Security, Stops State Filings

Tightens security to protect persoanl information.

Intuit publicly stated that after intense investigation into the recent fraud they believe that the information used to file these returns was obtained...

U.S. Government is an Identity Thief

Government uses private info without permission.

In a statement by the US attorney it was claimed that as the government is mindful of its obligation to protect third parties on the rights of citizens it may occasionally, and accidentally, cross the line.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Ramps Up the Difficulty to Crazy Levels

PermaDeath is in the mix.

No saves, no checkpoints, no hints, and no mercy. Dark difficulty is going to provide an exciting and possibly infuriating experience for most players.

Security Breakdowns 2014: What Failed on the Internet

All the best fails of 2014 wrapped up in a bow.

We've got the best executive e-mails, internet service in my area, credit card mix-ups, packed accounts, and gigs of leaked blunders for you to read about here.

Anthrax Doesn’t Like the Internet

Scott Ian, founder and guitar player for the rock band Anthrax, claimed that given the ability he would abolish the internet as read here,(Internet service providers in my area). Obviously this was directed at a concern over the current methods of record distribution, but he had more to say.

He did like that bands were no longer so dependent on radio, record labels, and other middlemen and trappings of the old music industry.

Rebirth of Satellite Internet

Terrible service quality and latency issues have plagued satellite internet providers from the beginning. With services like Netflix and You Tube dominating the Internet these issues are simply unacceptable. Most communities that have any other option would never use satellite internet. Until now! Elon Musk and SpaceX want to change this, and given their track record they just might.