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Net Neutrality is No Longer an Option

Remember the wristbands accounted how many steps you took it a day? These little items led to much more advanced technology that now monitors things such as heart rhythm, high blood pressure, blood sugar, early-onset heart attack, and more. All of these devices must be connected to the Internet in order to operate properly.

Turbo Tax Concerned About Internet Security, Stops State Filings

In the 2013 tax filing the IRS estimates that it paid over $5 billion in fraudulent claims tied to identity theft. This is according to the Government accountability office in a report released in 2014. Without my money on the line its clear local state and federal government are going to begin cracking down on anything that would increase identity thieves and their ability to file fraudulent tax returns

U.S. Government is an Identity Thief

The allegations were that the DEA stole photographs and additional personal information from Sondra's phone and use them to create a false page on Facebook. This page, allegedly, was going to be used to trick her friends and any associates into revealing criminal activity. The fake Facebook page included photos of Sondra as well as her niece, son, and other family members. The page was created after a 2010 drug bust in which Sondra was arrested at her cell phone was seized.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Ramps Up the Difficulty to Crazy Levels

It is not clear if the Witcher 3 will offer dark difficulty from the beginning or if this will be an unlocked after completing it on a lesser difficulty. Diablo three did offer a similar difficulty level but it required you to complete every difficulty level leading up to it before you could unlock it. I guess a better question would be if it is available at the onset, should you play at that level?

Security Breakdowns 2014

I bet the next time Sony pictures ceased terabytes of information leaving their servers to "somewhere" they pay a little closer attention, along with Apple protecting its users online data little more closely. You think Home Depot should pay more attention to target data breach? They do. Also if your fortune 500 company maybe you shouldn't use open source software to shield your user data from an outside source. Now on to the good stuff.