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An interesting read

Posted by on Jul 22, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Hello again!  I just finished reading a new book about digital disruption & Amazon.com.


“The Amazon Way” , written by John Rossman, is about his experience in being one of the founders of Amazon.  He really has a good understanding of building a company that can completely change the way we do business on the internet.   I found it fascinating seeing how things transpire at C-Level.   John’s got some great ideas on what it takes to be a good leader, which I find beneficial to anyone who aspires to reach the top.   I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.

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Tough call to make…

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Over the weekend I was disheartened to discover that my daughter was a smoker. Turns out that she’s been doing it for quite some time as has become addicted to the nicotine and detrimental carcinogens that come from cigarettes. We discussed it as a family and agreed to help her quite over time with the help of “ecigs”. Malaya is responsible for digging her way out of this mess, so it was her responsibility to research the details. She found that eCigZen is where to buy an electronic cigarette online so she went ahead and ordered one of their free kits. I’ll let her fill the rest of our family in on the details, once she sees if they help her quit.

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Fun time clothes shopping

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Tricia found an amazing website for children’s clothing on Tuesday while shopping for our niece, Nicole.  Apparently you can design your own clothing by following a few quick steps of leaving your name and picking the clothes you want and then you choose from their awesome phrases.   That’s the real fun as they’ve come up with some super clever tags that make it worth every cent.   I hope you all enjoy the process as much as we did.   Their website is called Live Ur Story and here’s a link to find it – http://liveurstory.com/

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Who am I?

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No, I’m not 24601. I’m Eric Braddock. I have lived in the Dallas, TX area for 35 years and work for Lockwood Greene Engineering as a Civil Engineer. I have a beautiful wife named Tricia and 2 wonderful children named Malaya & Tyler. You’ll hear from them on their own pages.

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To Be a Civil Engineer

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What it means to be a civil engineer…   It doesn’t come with the glory of being a chemical, electrical, or mechanical engineer, but you just can’t get around without us.

We are usually of ordinary size and if we only used our hands, we could not push around a small creek, let alone a large river. We don’t rip the earth open with Thor’s hammer, nor perform other amazing feats of strength. As civil engineers, we don’t rely on muscle. If we need to move a mountain or clear out a few thousand miles of desert with a simple dam, we take our data and retire to a cozy place where we can calculate the impossible and draft it into common equations. When the 6 months are up, we emerge with our blueprints and inform the bulldozers that it’s time to get crankin.

As civil engineers, we aren’t well known. Mainly because we can’t be found on the club scenes and we shy away from the limelight.  We prefer to lounge around in comfortable clothes or spend the day fishing at the beach. To go the civil way means you love the outdoors and live to reshape nature’s path.   As engineers, we find the way to reshape that road, bring fresh water where it’s needed, and go right through the mountain to hit our destination.

Throughout history, we have paved the streets, laid the railroads, tunneled the channels, and brought the oceans together.  Perhaps in time we civil engineers will bridge the continents, expand housing above the mountains and under the seas, and colonize the moon.   Join us if you feel the calling of the lonely mountains.

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